Serving Nothing but Delectable Dishes at Our Thai Restaurant in Barnet, London


Sample Our Signature Thai Cuisine

Pay our respected Thai restaurant a visit for a relaxed meal which you’re sure to remember for all of the right reasons. Browse our assorted main menu to discover the wide range of enjoyable dishes on offer.

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An Affordable Lunchtime Treat

Whether you’re filling in your dinner break at work, or socialising with friends and family, we offer a delicious lunch menu. To reward our devoted customers, we have a loyalty card which can be used on our lunchtime choices.

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A Drink to Accompany Your Dish

Quench your thirst which one of our refreshing drinks. No matter what meal you choose to have, we have an assortment of drinks which will go down a treat. Simply ask our bartender to see what they’d recommend.

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About Us

For an enjoyable day or night which is full of fantastic flavours, look no further than our reputable Thai restaurant. As a family-run business, Bangkok Lounge Finchley Thai Restaurant, in Barnet, London, provides traditional, delicious, and healthy Thai cuisine. With a kitchen full of chefs who have more than 30 years of experience, we are renowned for offering authentic meals at affordable prices. With everything we create handmade from fresh and tasty ingredients, we ensure that whatever is placed in front of you is cooked to the highest of standards.

Contact our highly regarded Thai restaurant today, in Barnet, London, to enjoy an evening of eating traditional Thai cuisine.